How come I’ve decided to cycle solo to Indonesia?


Darmasiswa is a scholarship program offered to all foreign students from countries which have diplomatic relationships with Indonesia. The main purpose of the program is to promote and increase the interest in the language and culture of Indonesia among the youth of other countries. It has also been designed to provide stronger cultural links and understanding among participating countries.

I hope it is as exciting as it sounds. I’ve applied to study Indonesian crafts. The scholarship doesn’t cover the trip from the applicant’s home country to the place of study. So I’ve started thinking: „Wouldn’t it be great to cycle all the distance to Indonesia?”

The scholarship starts in September 2014. I will receive the answer to wether or not I have entered the program in April, maybe May if there are many applicants.  I’m really confident in my chances so I’ve started planning my trip anyway. I leave in April, which means that I only have 4 months to reach Indonesia. It isn’t doable only by bike…and certainly not without your help 🙂

What happens if the Indiegogo project is a succes, but I don’t get the Scholarship? I will leave anyway, but I ‘ll bike, bike all the way :D!

In both scenarios  Indonesia is only the beginning. But studying Indonesian crafts for a year between Indonesia and the rest of the world sounds pretty amazing to me.


2 thoughts on “How come I’ve decided to cycle solo to Indonesia?

    1. Mulţumesc, Dragoş! Incă nu. Nu ştiu exact când îmi iau roţile în spinare dar va fi până la finele lui mai.

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