Ciocanesti cyclotouring route

First project I volunteered for was laying the foundation of the first network of cyclotouring  offroad routes around Bucharest, in March – April 2013. Main purpose of the project is to connect the rural communities and to create new economic opportunities for the local people.

First route was initiated in the Ciocanesti village and nearby region.  It was done mainly with help from local teens and the work involved marking, leveling the ground or widening the trail where it was necessary. Working with local community means that they will mantain the route in the future. Actually if you do happen to visit you’ll always find  a local guide available.

What is really fascinating about this route is that in only 25 km you get to cycle along a river, to be greeted by local flock of sheeps while crossing the open plain and to have a “”I’ve-entered-the-realm-of-fairytales” feeling going through the woods.
Have a look at this album on their Facebook page and you’ll get a glimpse of what cycling the route means.

In addition to practical work I also was in charge of the poster.




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