Danube for youth 2013

Danube For Youth is a project implemented by the group Cycling Romania and supported by ROI Association, together with the Bulgarian partner – Velo-Ruse Association. The project’s  main objectives are to promote  the Romanian Danube area,  as an integral part of the Danube, an European symbol  and the support centered on the sustainable development  of the communities along the Oravita-Calarasi  sector, especially of the young people  confronted with  socio-economic difficulties.”

32 volunteers divided in 8 teams, each cycling a different route along the Danube, half starting from the East end, Calarasi, and the other half from the West end, Oravita.

After 7 days of cycling all teams met at the middle of the distance, at Cetate Cultural Port.

Surely this is the highlight of my experience as a volunteer on bicycle, so far. You may wonder why do people fall in love with this type of traveling? If you already cannot imagine yourself without your bike than you know.

On bike  you travel at a pace slow enough to allow you to experience what you see, but fast enough to get you somewhere and the greatest thing about it: you can stop whenever wherever. If you want to travel around the world I believe it is the most flexible and cost effective way.

It can take you even where there is no trail  😉

And now I give you Danubian sounds:


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