Marking the Prod cyclotouring route in Brasov county

Let’s get one thing straight from the start: Romania is full of amasing cycling routes for the offroad lovers. There are counties you could spend weeks exploring and Brasov is one of them. More on cycling in Romania from Mircea, a licensed cyclotouring guide thanks to whom I did all of my voluteer work.

20130525_190624He’s a tree hugger and stories tend to stick to him like flies to honey. So he’s a great storryteller too.

In May 2013 we’ve marked together a loop cyclotouring trail surrounding Prod village in Brasov county.

Some of the friends I made along the way.



There were two rainy days of cycling, smiling to the locals and explaining them what were the bicycle signs about, spotting  deers, making friends, the usual stuff for a cyclotourist ;-).

We’ve biked the route twice, both-ways and same route seemed totally different second time. Actually same route is different each time. Your mood, the weather, people you cycle with or biking by yourself change the experience.

Happy cycling wherever your wheels take you!


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