My name is Alina and

I am a dreamer by heart and a maker by hands, always wondering, often wandering. And that is why I decided to doodle my trip.

“Photography is an immediate reaction, drawing is a meditation.” Henri Cartier-Brensson

In the summer of 2012 I’ve learned to bike by myself, in the park, with a children bicycle. I’m a mignon (not evil though) and I felt that I’m safe only if I can stop the bike by putting my feet on the ground. Soon after that I was already bate in the hectic traffic of Bucharest.

It was not long and I started to volunteer in cyclotouring projects and marking off road routes for bicycles.


photo courtesy of Les filles Florissantes


2 thoughts on “My name is Alina and

  1. You have a nice big dream. Wish you to make it all the way and so much further. Just take strong and nice care of you, passing through the “magic” states of Iran and Pakistan and such…
    All the very best to you, dear Alina!!!

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