Handmade sketchbooks – Turkish greetings

Each sketchbook is hand cutted and hand binded. Give life to your thoughts on the 30 Canson pages, 90 g/m².

dimensions (Height x Width): 17 x 12 cm/ 6.69″ x 4.72″

Each sketchbook is 7 E/ 10 $/35 RON (shipping not included)

The covers are postcards with Turkish motifs, bought during a trip in Antalya.

The trip was, in fact, the prise I won in a fashion illustration contest. I took the trip immediately after my entrance exam at the University of Arts from Bucharest, the Fashion Department.  When I returned home the news of acceptance at the faculty were waiting for me.

Beautiful memories…

If you want one leave a comment or e-mail me at artsywheels@gmail.com.

2014-03-24 15.26.28 2014-03-24 15.27.30 2014-03-24 15.24.35    2014-03-24 15.25.25

Please remember that when buying a sketchbook, you will receive pieces of an artist’s soul and also support my dream to reach Indonesia by bike.

Let’s revive the art of storytelling.


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