Solo wild camping – test run


This weekend I did a test run for solo wild camping. It was my first time. I camped out in some woods near Falticeni city, Suceava county (Romania).


I put up the tent pretty early so I went for a walk. Tried to take some pictures. The camera is a Nikon mirrorless. It’s compact size makes it great for someone always on the move and it’s powerfull enough to allow you to take some great photos, if you know how 😉

I don’t. I’ve never been a big fan of taking photos. It feels to me that you lose some of the momentum.

But recently I started to see things differently. Taking photos isn’t just about reliving moments or making someone else part of your experience. It’s also about having a total different view on the world.

DSC_7839 DSC_7841

Everything becomes an element in a visual composition. I don’t see myself becoming a travel photographer and I have no intention to, but I find fascinating this new perspective on taking pictures.

So during this trip I’ll discover the world through pen and lenses. Luckily  having a Nikon makes me part of a great community.

Getting back to my first night alone in the woods: it was scarry! The tent was my forcefield so going out in the night for a pee was out of the question.

I didn’t sleep in boots or with a big knife at my side. If something bad was going to happen I didn’t see myself leaving the tent or anything in it behind. In the end once on the road it will be my home.

Nothing bad happened of course. But silence can be really loud and my mind went crazy. For the first 2-3 hours I felt like preparing for a bungee-jump. Once I got my mind to shut up I got cold. At one point I felt neither cold nor fear, but no sleep either…


2 thoughts on “Solo wild camping – test run

  1. You are brave. Solo camping in the wilderness can be scary.

    Must say I like your sketches. Anyone can take these pictures, not everyone can draw as well as you.

    Good luck with your adventure.

    1. Thank you! I believe next times will be easier. Realistically speaking I was in no danger and I knew that. I was careful in choosing the spot and the fact that the weather was cold helped. But it was interesting also analysing the different states of mind. I was the puppet and the puppeter at the same time. I’m sure that once on the road, after houres of cycling, my mind will be too tired to wander around :))

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