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Recently I’ve realised that I cannot answer the question: “Why am I doing this trip? Why don’t I simply take the plane to Indonesia?”

Only two years ago I’ve learned to pedal. But, hey, Annie Londonderry learned the way of two wheels only a few days previous to her departure. I’ve never cycled outside my country. Two nights ago  I camped for the first time alone, my previous camping experience dating back to high school, and those years of glory ended a while back.

But you know what? There is no doubt in my mind I can do this :).

Today I found out also that the first female traveler to cycle solo around Europe was Romanian! Her name was Gina Burileanu and she was only 18 at the time.  She completed the tour between 1935 – 1937 and cycled in 17 countries. Hope to find more info on her.

1935 – 1937
1935 – 1937

Time goes by, time comes along,
All is old and all is new;
What is right and what is wrong,
You must think and ask of you;
Have no hope and have no fear,
Waves that rise can never hold;
If they urge or if they cheer,
You remain aloof and cold.


Solo wild camping – test run


This weekend I did a test run for solo wild camping. It was my first time. I camped out in some woods near Falticeni city, Suceava county (Romania).


I put up the tent pretty early so I went for a walk. Tried to take some pictures. The camera is a Nikon mirrorless. It’s compact size makes it great for someone always on the move and it’s powerfull enough to allow you to take some great photos, if you know how 😉

I don’t. I’ve never been a big fan of taking photos. It feels to me that you lose some of the momentum.

But recently I started to see things differently. Taking photos isn’t just about reliving moments or making someone else part of your experience. It’s also about having a total different view on the world.

DSC_7839 DSC_7841

Everything becomes an element in a visual composition. I don’t see myself becoming a travel photographer and I have no intention to, but I find fascinating this new perspective on taking pictures.

So during this trip I’ll discover the world through pen and lenses. Luckily  having a Nikon makes me part of a great community.

Getting back to my first night alone in the woods: it was scarry! The tent was my forcefield so going out in the night for a pee was out of the question.

I didn’t sleep in boots or with a big knife at my side. If something bad was going to happen I didn’t see myself leaving the tent or anything in it behind. In the end once on the road it will be my home.

Nothing bad happened of course. But silence can be really loud and my mind went crazy. For the first 2-3 hours I felt like preparing for a bungee-jump. Once I got my mind to shut up I got cold. At one point I felt neither cold nor fear, but no sleep either…

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The trip

doodly map

traseu-finala total of 14 158 km


7263 km by bike

procente-km-bicle139 days

grafic11 – Departure point, Focsani/Romania

2 – Vama-Veche/Romania – Durankulak/Bulgaria border crossing point

3 – Varna/Bulgaria from where I’ll take the ferry to Batumi/Georgia

4 – Batumi/ Georgia

5 – Ninotsminda/ Georgia – Bavra/ Armenia border crossing point

6 – Yerevan/Armenia

7 – Meghri/ Armenia – Nordooz/ Iran border crossing point

8 – Tehran from where I’ll take the plane to Islamabad/ Pakistan

9 – Islamabad/ Pakistan

10 – Lahore/ Pakistan – Amritsar/  India, Wagah border crossing point

11 – New Delh/ India

12 – Agra/ India

13 – Sunauli/ India – Bhairawa/ Nepal border crossing point

14 – Kathmandu/ Nepal

15 – Kakarbhitta/ Nepal – Naxalbari/ India border crossing point

16 – Moreh/ India – Tamu/ Myanmar border crossing point

17 – Yangon/Myanmar – from were I’ll fly to  Kuala Lumpur/ Malaysia

18 – Kuala Lumpur/ Malaysia

19 – Singapore

20 – Jakarta/ Indonesia – from Singapore I’ll take the ferry from Singapore’s Harbourfront Centre to Batam Island (Pulau Batam) and from Batam to Tanjung Priok , 17 km from Jakarta